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Frequently asked questions

Minimum age of driver

- For rentals of bikes and quads the only limitation is the requisite license to drive it credits the quad bike or desired.

- For rentals of cars and 4x4 is required to have a driver's license for the desired vehicle with at least 2 years experience.

Cost of additional charge for driver under 26 years and / or less than 5 years experience
- For rentals of bikes and quads, there is no minimum age or experience.

- For rentals of cars and 4x4 if you are under 26 years and / or has less than 5 years experience with a driver's license for the vehicle you want, you must pay an additional amount of 10.00 € / day.

Policy gasoline

We ask you to return the vehicle with the same amount of gasoline at the time had come to the rental vehicle.
A charge of 3.50 € / liter by default if it is returned with less fuel than indicated.

Bond once in office

In order to proceed with the rental vehicle, we ask you to pay a deposit which will be returned once the lease as long as they meet the points made in the contract.

The amount of the bond may vary:
- If you cancel the franchise (comprehensive insurance) we ask you to pay between € 100.00 and € 150.00 for motorbikes and quads and between € 150.00 and € 200.00 for cars.

- If not nullify the franchise will have to pay us the value of the insurance excess vehicle rental.

To pay the deposit can do so in the following ways:
- If paying by credit card, it serves as this bond, we will simply Boucher (tracing paper) on which is written the amount of the franchise and will have to sign it. Once the rent, break the Boucher.
- If you pay by debit card, we will bill the deposit on the card and will cancel the charge once the rental vehicle.
- If you pay cash, we will save the cash and return it once the lease.

Methods of payment

Visa web

Our website offers a secure payment platform provided by our bank through which you can pay the amount required for booking the vehicle in a totally confidential and secure.

Through this system, you can only pay using cards that support the system 4b (visa, mastercard, master, etc.).

In order to make the payment, you must have enabled secure payment on your card, so the system will be diverted to the website of your bank and request payment confirmation via SMS to your mobile phone or a personal password (depending configuration has offered you your bank)

Once payment is made, the reservation will be confirmed without our company know any details regarding your card.

You can use this method if the cardholder is not present in the office in time to proceed with the rental vehicle, as the secure payment protocol guarantees that the cardholder has paid through the password verification.

Bank Transfer

If the above payment methods do not suit your needs, we offer the ability to pay the booking by bank transfer.
To do this, we need at least 1 week to miss the date chosen as the date of collection as the vehicle to rent, we need the money is in our bank before the date.
If requested, we will send instructions for the transfer.

Manual mode

We Can also charge the reserve amount manually, if you tell us the numbers of your credit / debit card and the expiration date by phone or email.

The charge will be using the POS of the office that you selected as office collection and cardholder must be present at the time to proceed with the rental vehicle to sign the proof of payment.

Cost of bike helmets
When you rent a motorcycle, a quad or a bike, we provide helmets needed to move with that vehicle for you and your companion at no extra charge. If paying by cash or debit card, will ask an additional bond of € 50.00 will be returned once the hire is complete and return their helmets properly.

Cost of Baby seat

If needed, we have in our office chairs for babies and lifters and have a cost of 3.00 € / day.

Cost of change of office

Our company has 20 offices in different populations of the islands of Ibiza. In order to proceed with the rental, you can select the office that suits you and offer you the chance to return the vehicle at any of our offices.
This service incurs an extra charge of 25.00 €.